Travel books

Travel books. CampingCovers made with photography of fabrics and cut papers. 200 pages inside. white

ANBA National Award. 2011

ANBA National Award. 2011. Juvina Inés Ten by Munda.Premio Nacional Estímulo Basilio Uribe de la Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes. Graphic Design.

From seed to sensation

From seed to sensation Novum Magazine Fresh from the farm, produced locally, of superior quality, harvested by hand, and with a strong sense of social responsibility - healthy and sustainable. When you hear what product is involved, you're sure to be surprised. About...

Manda fruta

Manda fruta. Photographic essay. Photograph of Agustina Vallejos. Realization of Leticia Francisca Patrizi Anchustegui (Venezuela) and Popy Wilson (England)

Munda at Novum

Munda at Novum Constant Change Things develop, things change. Of this, the Munda Design team, are very much aware, not only as they work on commissions for their clients. Transformation is part of the Argentinan designers’ philosophy, as their ever-changing agency...

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