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Constant Change

Things develop, things change. Of this, the Munda Design team, are very much aware, not only as they work on commissions for their clients. Transformation is part of the Argentinan designers’ philosophy, as their ever-changing agency logo indicates.

Novum 06/2013

Emilio Barceló and Marina Dawidowicz, having travelled the world, found home for their design studio in 1995 in Buenos Aires. The Project grew and flourished and as it did so the logo of Munda Design and Communications took shape. For Barceló and Dawidowicz the tree symbolised the growth of their own studio and the branches represented the many different directionsin which the team’s capabilities and ideas developed. Yet the tree also stood for the designers’ great sourse of inspiration, nature.

Nowadays, Munda Design employs seven people and the team itself has company – a whole forest now decorates the logo, together and with a man and a whale. There is no end in sight as, with each project, the designerws extend their competencies and forge new alliances. “We relish working with regions and organisations that pose a challenge, forcing us to develop our potential whilst working with interdisciplinary teams and different media” explain Emilio Barceló and Marina Dawidowicz.

For Turismo de Buenos Aires, for instance, Munda has created various campaigns and advertising media, from brochures through to outdore signage and posters.
Unicef Argentina, Pampa Energía and the Ibero-American youth organisation OIJ also Rank among these versatile Argentinian designers’ clients. In otder to satisfy each and every customer, they think it is important to approach each Project with fresh perspective. “This allows us to créate Brand images that endure the test of time with constant renewal” say Barceló and Dawidowicz. Amidst all these transformations, the heart of the Brand should never be lost and it is precisely here that the true art of Munda lies: “Good advertising is the ability to identify the unique element that differenciates a Brand, the ability to capture this element graphically and communicate it effectively.”This i show munda successds in bringing an organisation to life by communication, sharpening its profile and rendering Brand identity future-proof, without neglecting the brand’s roots.

Of course, the designers also have plans for their own future. The team would love to develop their own designer hábitat, a place where Munda can generate ideas and experiment and bring together colours, materials and people. When that happens, it is bound to show up in the logo.

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