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Fresh from the farm, produced locally, of superior quality, harvested by hand, and with a strong sense of social responsibility – healthy and sustainable. When you hear what product is involved, you’re sure to be surprised.

About 18 months ago, the American state of Colorado legalized the sale of cannabis. The highly feared negative impact on crime statistics did not materialize, which developed instead, was a new and very lucrative segment of the economy. This success reached the suppliers, most of whom present themselves as a serious business, such as Silverpeak, one of the pioneers in the sale of cannabis. This company, directed by Jordan Lewis, supports sustainable agriculture and responsible marketing, with the emphasis on enjoyment.

In 2014 the designers of the Argentine design agency Munda came on board to develop the corporate image of Silverpeak. In addition to the brand, the development of an application, a website, merchandising and the interior design of the store were also part of the brief. Since cannabis was previously a banned substance in the region, many people still had negative associations with this product. The solution for the designers was to give the brand an image of elegance and sophistication. A personalized logo in combination with a sober typography sans serif (Replica) created a contemporary and clear look. A stylized cannabis leaf and rich and strong colors, printed on posters, generate a radiant image, a world away from associations with marijuana houses, full of dark smoke. Munda not only managed to give Silverpeak visual appeal, they also created an authentic brand experience – but maybe that was not really that difficult with a product like this.


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