Design moves us.

Our design challenges what exists

We build identities

We are a creative agency based in Buenos Aires, with expertise in the brand and communication strategy.

Our goal is to bring brands to action and results.

During the last twenty years we positioned ourselves at an international level creating elegant, clear and unique design solutions.

Emilio Barceló
Founding partner and Design director

Strategic leader of Munda, responsible for the art direction and generation of new projects.
He specialised in the area of Corporative Visual Identity, editorial design and graphic communication.
In recent years he was a strategic design consultant for the Metropolitan Centre of Design in the program of the Incorporation of Design for SME´s.

Marina Dawidowicz
Founding partner and Creative Director

Creative leader of Munda, responsible of inspiration, motivation and engagement of teams to develop innovative ideas.
With training in graphic design, communication, visual arts, she worked as a teacher at the University of Buenos Aires.

Juvina Inés Ten
Partner and Project director

Responsible for the direction of teams to develop design solutions and strategic communication.
She is a graphic designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, where she was also a teacher. She is attending to National University of Art and studies technology in the UTN.
Her work in design and technology companies in Silicon Valley has allowed her to specialise in the direction of interdisciplinary work teams.

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